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Auto Repair Services

We provide a complete line of auto repair services for West Michigan. Our team does brakes, oil changes, car ac service checks, fuel pumps, radiator repair, tune-ups, and more. Call us to schedule your car, SUV, or pick-up at (616) 396-8386.

Collision Repair

Our experienced team of auto body repair specialists will make your car, SUV, or pick-up look new again. We do collision repair, frame straightening, paintless dent repair, welding, fabrication, factory paint matching , classic cars & more.

Wheel Alignments

We do 2 & 4 wheel alignments, tire rotation & balancing, wheel bearings, ball joints, inner & outer tie rods, struts, shocks, springs and anything suspension related on your vehicle. We'll fully inspect all aspects of your suspension system.

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  • You Have the Right to Choose Your Repair Shop
  • You Have the Right to Simply Tell Your Insurance Company where you would like to have Your Vehicle Repaired
  • You Are Not Required (by law) to obtain more than one estimate
  • Request a Written Warranty to cover Labor, Materials, Parts, & Paint for your repair

Car doesn’t even attempt to start?  You most likely have a dead battery.  You simply left something on which drained the battery or your battery has reached its life span.  Batteries typically last about 4 to 5 years in Michigan.

Headlights or Dashlights flicker?  You jumped your car, its running, but now you notice the lights flicker or get extra dim or bright at random times.   You could have a bad alternator which is designed to continously charge the battery as you drive down the road.  Bring it to us & we’ll test the alternator to see if it’s producing a charge.

Clicking Noise when Starting Your Car?  You may hear this when the battery is dead but you can also hear this when your Car Starter goes out.   If you are attempting to jump your car, hear the “clicking” & and the car still doesn’t start, there’s a chance it’s the starter.  Bring it to us & we’ll test all of the components to see what the issue might be.

Truthfully, minor & major issues can trigger the check engine light on your car.  It’s never a good idea to ignore it and we can quickly run a diagnostic scan on your vehicle to determine the culprit.  Today’s modern cars allow us to read error codes & give us immedicate clues on what might be causing the issue.

Check your gas cap first — a loose fuel cap can sometimes trigger a “check engine” and it happens more than you think.

You may have a faulty oxygen sensor, a bad catalytic converter, or it could be your ignition coils and/or spark plugs.  We’ve also seen bad thermostats or mass airflow sensors trigger a “check engine light”.

Our team is here to assist you in troubleshooting the issue.  Call us anytime at (616) 396-8386.


You may need new brake pads & rotors.  Brake systems today come with built-in wear indicators.  

Squealing — high pitched sound when you apply the brakes.  In most cases, this is a sign your brake pads are worn & need to be replaced.  The wear indicator is simply hitting the rotor and this is the high pitched sound you hear.

Grinding noise — could mean you have a foreign object caught up in your caliper (could simply be a rock or piece of small gravel).  Grinding can also be the sound of metal on metal due to extensive wear of your brake pads.

Clunking — this usually means a brake caliper or another component of the brake system is damaged or has come loose.  You could also have a broken control arm, sway bar, or something else loose in your suspension system.

There are a number of issues that can cause your vehicle to stall, idle rough, or just not run like it use to.

Fuel / Air ratio – your car expects a certain amount of fuel & air to be supplied at all times.  If your fuel pump isn’t supplying enough fuel, or if you have the mixture of air/fuel too lean, your engine may stall. 

Air Supply – believe it or not, your car uses lots more air than it does fuel.  Extremely dirty air filters can restrict air flow and can lead to an engine stalling.

Electrical – vehicles today come with more electrical components and there’s a mini computer network right under your hood.  Our technicians are trained on the latest technologies and can run computer diagnostics to troubleshoot your issue.

Wheel and/or tire issue?  You could have a tire out of balance, uneven tire wear, separated tread on a tire, a damaged wheel (rim) or even a loose lug nut.

Worn Suspension (Tie Rods, Ball Joints, etc.)?  Worn out ball joints or tie rod ends can cause your steering wheel to vibrate or shake.

Transmission or Engine Issue?  Damaged or loose engine / transmission mounts can cause vibrations.

Pulsating Brakes?  If you only feel the vibration during braking, there’s a good chance your brake calipers may be vibrating due to uneven wear of the brake pads / rotors.

Yes, our team provides a complete line of auto repair & collision repair services for electric and/or hybrid cars.

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Holly J.

If you need your vehicle fixed, I highly recommend Precision. Mark is a stand up, honest guy who does a great job on cars! 

Nathan H.

They came in cheaper than the competition’s estimate by over $1000. Work was done super fast. Seriously, no complaints, only praise. Use precision. Thank me later.

Tony M.

Precision Collision puts in the effort to do it right the first time. Our GMC Acadia met a deer, and Precision took it under their wing and made it look better than before the accident. 5 stars. Well done.

Sarah H.

Great place to get your car repaired. They got it done in the time they promised too. Also price was great compared to a local collision place near us. Thanks for your excellent service.

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