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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment & Suspensions

Vehicles rely on proper wheel alignment and sound suspension components to perform.  Tires and Wheels can easily go “out of alignment” from Michigan pot holes, hitting curbs, going off-road, or getting into an accident.

Precision Collision Alignment & Brakes performs 2 or 4 wheel alignment on cars, trucks, & SUVs plus we also are one of the few in West Michigan to do large wheel alignments.  We do Off-Road vehicles (ORVs), mudders, and just about anything the other shops won’t touch.   For other repair issues, please visit Car Repairs.

Wheel Alignment

Our technicians are experienced and will do a full inspection of your vehicle’s overall suspension system.  Our team uses computer-assisted equipment to ensure proper alignment.

Tire Rotation

Regularly having your tires rotated provides a good opportunity for us to visual inspect, ensure proper air pressure, and potentially rebalance them if you’ve noticed any vibration while driving.  

Wheel Bearings

Do you hear a humming noise while driving?  Wheel bearing assemblys will need to be replaced at some point.  You’ll notice a loud humming or even a grinding noise and it might change based on speed.


Suspensions are essentially what provides ride comfort.  We work on outer & inner tie rods, sway bars, stabilizers, steering gears, springs, control arms, spindle / steering knuckles, and more.

Ball Joints

Do you hear a creaking or  intermittent clunking noise when taking turns?  Worn out ball joints become loose in the socket & begin to rattle as your vehicle travels down the road. 

Struts & Shocks

Symptoms of bad shocks or struts include a bouncy ride, body sway, or fluid leaking from a shock or strut.  Like most suspension issues, this will dramatically affect the life of your tires.  You may notice cupped tires or you feel a vibration after hitting a bump.

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Wheel Alignment Pricing

Precision Collision performs a number of 2 & 4 wheel alignments.  Have a lifted Jeep or ORV with large tires, we can do that too!  Call us at (616) 396-8386 today.

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