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Car Repair

Car Repair Services

We do service electric & hybrid vehicles

Precision Collision Alignment & Brakes is located in Zeeland, Michigan and provides a complete line of car, SUV, & pick-up repair services.  Our services include general auto repair for cooling systems, fuel systems, wheel alignment, suspension systems, as well as normal routine car maintenance services.


Does your car make a high-pitched squeal or grinding noise when braking?  Allow us to perform a full inspection of your brade pads, rotors, calipers, fluid level, and brake lines.

Oil Change

We provide a full lube, oil and filter change for domestic & foreign vehicles. Standard service includes up to 5 quarts of conventional oil,  filter, and a multi-point inspection of your vehicle.

Check Engine

Check engine come on?  Let us provide a quick diagnostics scan.  Many times it’s an oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, or plugs & wires.  Give us a call at (616) 396-8386 to schedule an appointment.

Car A/C Service

Our team performs a number of air conditioning system checks each year.  We’ll check pressure readings, coolants levels, & review our findings with you.  Our team can evaluate leak issues & replace components (if necessary).  

Wheel Alignment

Vehicle pulling to the left or right?  We do 2 & 4 wheel alignments at some of the best prices in West Michigan.  Our standard 2 wheel alignment starts at $80.  We also do ORV alignments for vehicles with lifts & tires up to 42 inches. 

Suspension Systems

Your car’s suspension system is responsible for delivering a comfortable ride.  Our team will inspect your tie rods, ball joints, control arms, sway bars, struts, shocks, & springs.  Please call (616) 396-8386 today.  

Car Tune-Ups

Cars, Pick-ups, & SUVs require periodic tune-ups in order to maintain fuel mileage ratings & overall performance.  Recommended intervals will vary depending upon your make & model.

Fuel Pumps

Whining noise from rear of the vehicle? Difficulty starting your vehicle? Engine sputters at higher speeds?Lower gas mileage?  These are all signs your fuel pump may be going bad.  Let us do a complete inspection of your entire fuel system today!

General Car Repair

Our team does general repair on all systems in your vehicle with the exception of exhaust.  This includes radiators, water pumps, thermostats, hoses, wheel bearings, front & rear differentials, brake lines, brake boosters, and more.

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we service electric & hybrid vehicles

Car Tune ups

A car tune-up is considered routine maintenance to keep your car, truck, or SUV performing well.   A tune-up includes inspecting several key components including your ignition system, engine air filter, fuel filter, pcv value, belts & hoses, timing belt, and checking all of the fluid levels.

Our standard tune-up includes:
Signs you may need a tune-up:
Car Tune-up | Zeeland, Michigan
General Auto Repair Services | Zeeland, Michigan
Brake Service | Zeeland, Michigan
Brake Pads & Rotors | Precision Collision
Brake Services | Precision Collision in Zeeland, Michigan

Brake Pads & Rotors

Vehicle braking systems have several components but “Brake Pads & Rotors” are the two you’ll have to replace as a normal maintenance item.  On average, brake pads will last about 40,000 miles and most times you’ll want to replace your rotors at the same time.

common brake complaints:

Each scenario above is likely an issue with your brake pads & rotors and we recommend changing both at the same time.  Brake Pads & Rotor replacement is a normal maintenance task for any vehicle.

Our complete line of Brake repair services:

General Car Repair

Precision Collision does all types of general repair for cars, pick-up trucks, & SUVs including electric & hybrids.

Expertise in the following areas:

Auto Repair Services | Zeeland, Michigan
Auto Repair Services | Zeeland, Michigan

Fuel Pumps & Systems

Precision Collision provide a complete line of service for fuel systems including fuel pump replacements, fuel filters, fuel injectors, and fuel line replacement.

Expertise in the following areas:

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